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Your business deserves the luxury of our premium web designs.

Building your own website or using a cheap template website is obvious to people browsing your pages. It can look like it was put together in a hurry; without tailoring the details to your business. Other web site 'developers' use the same templates over and over again like a broken record. We think our clients deserve more.

We can create an online interactive web presence for you that is visible 24/7. We think that alone is worth spending a bit more for a custom website created just for you, by one of our talented graphic designers. We believe that it is an investment that pays dividends. Don't you? We believe that your business and your clients deserve more.

At One Million Pixels we will create a custom website just for you. We do not use cookie cutter templates; we create the entire website from the ground up, special for every client. The websites we create, develop and design for our clients are unique and of the highest quality.

Cutome design versus Template Design

What is the difference between a Custom Designed Website and a generic template site?

A template site is what some web design firms use repeatedly; over and over. This makes all their designs look the same. Maybe a logo has changed; maybe the colors are different. Basically, a template allows sites to be made quickly and cheaply but typically lacking a WOW factor. In reality, you are given a shell to stuff your content into.

We think template sites have their place. But not here.

We create individualized websites for our clients that pop and are unique. We want your potential customers to be impressed when they see your site. It is an extension of your business; your branding.

How much does a custom, high quality website cost?

It depends on a few things:

  • The features you want
  • How large your site is
  • The complexity of your site

We create your site from the ground up. We may be a little more expensive then others, but we believe you get what you pay for. Our web designers and developers spend more time then people realize meticulously creating your site. We know you will see the difference in our web creations.


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